Do you now find you have the time to look after yourself and have noticed you should have started a while ago?

Do you have an underlaying health issue that requires you to exercise and eat better?

Do you have a spouse or friend who needs you to support them as they get healthier?

Do you simply want to look and feel better, but aren’t sure how?

Then YOU are who needs a coach!

Initial Consultation

We talk about what you NEED, where you are coming from, and what you enjoy doing. I learn your history, what you are currently facing, and what your aspirations are for the future through working with me.


About Krista

Your Program

From there, I develop a program to help you achieve your goals based on our consultation.

*I always work in conjunction with your doctor or therapist.


Your Sessions

Then, we schedule session times and I come to you with my equipment. We train in your home, outside, or do outings to the market to help inspire your healthy eating choices. You can train with friends or a spouse! 

Schedule Consultation

You have been doing things a certain way for a long time! Change can seem impossible! Even the most elite athletes and business people have coaches because it is easy to get overwhelmed! Most of my clients say their biggest fear and barrier to exercising is GETTING HURT. Are you going to be able to exercise the way you need to by yourself? How will you know what to do? If you have anyways cooked a certain way, but now need to adjust it because of health concerns, where do you start? A coach is there to help teach and guide you. That is where I step in – I’ve done (and continue to do) all the research to put together programs specific to your needs and your situation. Let’s make this as easy as possible, right?


We work together to develop a nutrition plan specific to your needs. This may mean going through your kitchen and going to the market to come up with the best (and tastiest!) strategies to help you stay on track. I’ll help you take away the guess work through gradual changes and inspiring recipes!


It’s hard to know how to exercise, isn’t it? While walking is great, it simply isn’t enough. I will show you how to safely train your body so you can keep enjoying the things you like to do with confidence! Train alone, or with friends or a spouse, 2-4 times a week in your home or outside.


Knowing WHY you want to exercise and eat better is what drives your success. Having support from a coach empowers you with the confidence to see it through. It can be overwhelming, but with the right mindset – a positive, step-by-step outlook – a healthy lifestyle can be so rewarding both mentally and physically.

You don’t need much space to get fit! As long as you have an area that you can safely lay down in, that’s all the space you need! If it’s a nice day, let’s head outside and get some vitamin D! I will bring the equipment – no need to worry about additional purchases (unless you want to create a mini-gym in your home!).

You’re on this page for a reason – sign up for your Discovery Call now before you talk yourself out of it again!

After a consultation, we will determine together how often you need to be training to achieve your goals.

Recently received news of a health challenge such as cancer, or a chronic condition such as arthritis? Treating these challenges is much easier when you keep your body in a top condition for your abilities.

If you have just received treatment such as chemo, your body has gone through a war. When you feel ready, exercise is a great way to help rebuild and regain your strength. Don’t worry, we always go at a pace that works with your current ability.

Working in conjunction with your doctor and/or therapist, we determine how frequently you need to be exercising in order to maintain your health and strength.

Injuries take time – but this doesn’t mean you are powerless. You simply need to train in the proper ways to rehab your injury, while also working around it to continue to move forward towards your overall fitness goals.

Scheduling can be done easily online HERE, or by contacting me directly. We strive for a consistent weekly schedule to ensure progress. You can train at an hour that suits your schedule and needs.

Cancellations can be done 24hrs in advance of your scheduled session.

My wife and I find Krista very encouraging! She helped build my confidence and I am now convinced that training was an essential thing to do in my recovery.


Leukemia Survivor

I didn't know training could be so much fun until I started working with Krista. She helped me recuperate from a shoulder injury and showed a genuine interest in my well-being. I have lost over 20 pounds!


Long-time Client

Krista led me to a better understanding of what my body was capable of when we met 8 years ago and gave me 100% of her attention. She worked with my arthritis, helping me to become more flexible.


Arthritic Client

Krista is a trainer that I highly recommend to my friends or anyone looking to transform their body.  She understands how to get the best results quickly without injuring oneself. She helped me transform my body, she can help you!!!!! Thank you Krista.


Worked Around Injuries